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Book Review: Creative Careers in Museums

Creative Careers in Museums by Jan E. Burdick was listed as a required reading for a museum internship that I am about to undertake this summer, and it turned out to be such an enjoyable book that went beyond its academic purposes. Not only does the book highlight different sections of a museum and the responsibilities handled by its members, but it also includes invaluable life experiences of real-life professionals who share their journey of how they came to their present positions at various museums across the US. It was particularly exciting for me to read about people from diverse disciplines such as English literature, mechanical engineering, botanical sciences, and architecture, finding their way as museum professionals. Finally, the book also provides lists of several associations all over the US related to museum work, websites where one may find job opportunities, and a list of relevant book titles that would be helpful for anyone embarking on a career in museums. It’s a must read for anyone interested in being a museum professional!