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washington dulles airport

Airport Woes

I have heard horror stories from relatives and friends about getting detained at US airports or their luggage getting misplaced or lost during international travels. I myself hadn’t faced any of it until my recent trip to the US. My mom and I landed at Washington Dulles Airport on a Wednesday afternoon in February, 2020. …

rape culture

Indifferently Insensitive

[This article was previously published in New Age Youth on 21st June, 2015.]

This Op-Ed discussed how comparing rape as a metaphor to a thrashing defeat in a game of football or hacked status on Facebook by youngsters of the society is not only insensitive but a troubling trivialization of the term that otherwise has a serious social concern

swag using internet slangs

The Pursuit of Swag

[This article was previously published in New Age Youth on 24th April, 2016.]

Youngsters often identify with modern lingo to such an extent that they might limit learning a language well and even
lose the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.