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rape culture

Indifferently Insensitive

[This article was previously published in New Age Youth on 21st June, 2015.]

This Op-Ed discussed how comparing rape as a metaphor to a thrashing defeat in a game of football or hacked status on Facebook by youngsters of the society is not only insensitive but a troubling trivialization of the term that otherwise has a serious social concern

swag using internet slangs

The Pursuit of Swag

[This article was previously published in New Age Youth on 24th April, 2016.]

Youngsters often identify with modern lingo to such an extent that they might limit learning a language well and even
lose the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

the school of athens
Book Reviews

Geometry and Philosophy

For my masters course titled ‘Architecture: Theory and Criticism’, I have been instructed to read the book Geometry and Philosophy, the 1985 book by Liaquat Ali, published by Bangla Academy. Below are some of its excerpts translated in English for my ease of understanding.—–For Plato, mathematics held so much importance that the door of his …