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Presentation at 14th Annual UC Graduate Student Conference

This afternoon, I presented my research on the writing skills of architecture students in Dhaka, at the 14th Annual UC Graduate Student Conference, organized by the Department of English at UC.

This research was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of one of my courses for the Master of Architecture degree I was pursuing at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology. After looking at some previous literature on similar studies, I identified three variables which affected the writing skills of architecture: time allocated to writing, language proficiency, and reading habits. By conducting a questionnaire survey with 34 participants from 7 accredited architecture programs in Dhaka city, this study showed further evidence of how all those three variables play a role in affecting the writing skills of undergraduate students of architecture.

Apart from getting some really insightful questions from the audience on this topic, this presentation also gave me the opportunity to look into ways this research can be further expanded. Also, I got to meet some of the coolest people from other parts of the country who were also presenting here.